Borussia Dortmund keeper attacked while watching the Champions League

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Roman Weidenfeller set upon in a restaurant



Those who thought only David Bentley was annoying enough to be attacked while eating in a restaurant will be rocked by news from German paper Bild, which claims that Borussia Dortmund’s goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller was beaten up in an eating establishment last night.

The 29-year-old was enjoying a salad and coverage of the Champions League in an Italian restaurant in Dortmund’s city centre when five men burst in, directing punches at the shot stopper. Weidenfeller said:

“They fought like savages at us. I was able to escape thanks to my good reflexes.”

“My friend came off worse, he was caught [by the gang].”

After the attack, the five assailants were chased through Dortmund city centre, and were eventually stopped and arrested by armed police.

Weidenfeller escaped relatively unharmed, but his friend was admitted to hospital with facial injuries.

The motivation for the attack is unclear, but the keeper made enemies two seasons ago when he was fined €10,000 and banned for three games for making racial slurs at a Schalke player.

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