Cristiano Ronaldo, 2017 FIFA Best Player – The Statistics for the Year Declare Avid Ambition

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It is a fact that many were not fascinated as Cristiano Ronaldo was honoured for a second successive time The Best Player of the Year in 2017 by FIFA.

Just Excellence

This year Cristiano Ronaldo the obvious favourite and ahead of his top opponent Leo Messi continued to dominate the field and claim individual recognition.

Seemingly, there is some indifference and lack of enthusiasm that acts as evidence for under appreciation for Cristiano Ronaldo’s notable performance during the last year. Numbers speak for themselves though and serve as a bold demonstration of the Portuguese star’s continuous ingenuity and strive for perfection as he is approaching the Ballon d’Or prize as well.

The decade when Messi and Ronaldo ruled the football scene is gone, but still, statements that both the Argentine and the Portuguese are exceptional in their own superiority are provable.

Especially, when discussing the five-time winner of the FIFA best award Cristiano Ronaldo – the evidences are voluminous.

Impressive Achievements

Real Madrid got it to the La Liga crown in 2017 led by Cristiano Ronaldo and the club is right behind Barcelona at 6/4 betting odds to defend the title.

The Portuguese has taken also the aspired Champions League title, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup, and he also seized a FIFA World Club Cup title.

During the overwhelming Euro 2016 contest Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal to the European fame in France and once again was the key player in his country’s march towards the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The list goes on with some outstanding accomplishments like Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-tricks against Bayern Munich and two times more against Atletico Madrid. The unforgettable pivotal Champions League goals against Juventus and Borussia Dortmund and his individual achievements provide even more arguments for the captain’s choice of the national selections voting Ronaldo FIFA’s Best Player of the Year. He is the Champions League top scorer for the fifth consecutive time, UEFA best footballer and striker and also won the Ballon d’Or in 2017. The Portuguese is also the top scorer of the 2017 FIFA World Club Cup in UAE and finishing the 2018 World Cup qualifiers with 15 goals to his name only comes as the icing on the cake.

During The 2017 the Portuguese superstar became the first player who scored in three finals in the Champions League era. Cristiano Ronaldo was also the main contributor with playing a crucial role and leading his club to become the first one to win consecutive Champions League titles.

More remarkable 2017 numbers below:

  • Reached 100 Champions League goals
  • Reached 600 career goals benchmark
  • 44 goals from 48 games
  • 33 goals from 37 club matches
  • 11 goals in 11 international games

These results undoubtedly impress and turn around any apathy and scepticism.

Such uncompromising attitude and Cristiano Ronaldo’s unsatisfiable strive to be and remain the world’s best player is also the main reason people to dislike him. Still, it is unmistakable evidence for the best qualities of his character and exceptional professionalism.

Unappeasable Ambition

Cristiano Ronaldo is unforgiving when it comes to his status as the second-best and considers it a mark of weakness and uses every chance to declare his apparent perfection both on the field and outside of it.

Cristiano Ronaldo is well familiar with the fact that time is against him and his desire to be the first is now greater than ever. The Portuguese superstar is 32, Leo Messi is 30 and it is unlikely that they will remain the obvious choice for the individual prizes for the future.

Young talents are rising such as Neymar who left Barcelona in pursuit of popularity and is doing a fantastic job at his new career at PSG. There is his teammate – the Golden Boy Kylian Mbappe who is also demonstrating uncompromising attitude and is advancing in a relentless manner.

Is it a matter of time before any of those rising players will dethrone Ronaldo (and Messi)?

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