Villar alerts – Spain is risking to bypass the World Cup

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Villar Alerts Spain

The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), recently removed from his position, notified that due to government hindrance the national team could miss out the World Cup next year in Russia.

After being accused of misuse of funds, unsound managerial practices, falsifying papers and corruption, Angel Maria Villar was suspended in July and is currently awaiting legal procedures.

Not long ago FIFA forewarned issuing a letter to RFEF to express its worries in relation to the autonomy of the federation. The letter emphasized that the federation should concentrate on managing its own business and assuring it is not affected by external parties.

Villar is concerned that Spain could be refused participation to the World Cup and another country’s national team like Italy for example will be eager to grab the opportunity at the World Cup next summer.

In his words on press conference last Monday, the whole responsibility for the potential missing out on the World Cup lies on the present Government.

On the other side LaLiga president Javier Tebas disagreed that Villar represents the old times of FIFA and his behaviour has always been dominated by fear and threats. He firmly belies that this is one more that is not going to occur. FIFA will not remove Spain as the now FIFA is taking a new direction.

He also believes that the Government actions and decisions were lawful and should be supported.

In his opinion, Spain merely adheres to the word of law and Villar is once again blaming the Government and continues living in his own bubble.

Jose Lete Spain’s Secretary of State for sport commented too that Spin’s participation is not at risk.

He stated that the national team earned its place and Spain’s spot at the World Cup is warranted.

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