You’re only a man if John Terry says so

Mikel John Obi Mikel finally experiences rite of passage


The Jewish people have Bar Mitzvahs, Arsenal have the Carling Cup, and the children of Liverpool have their first purloined hubcap. Indeed, every culture has its own rite of passage into manhood, and now it has been revealed that Chelsea FC is no exception. John Obi Mikel (or Mikel John Obi or John Mikel Obi, depending on your inclination) recently discovered that in order become a grown up, Sir John Terry must give his blessing:

“I made a speech before a game at Middlesbrough in the dressing room, and after I had finished, John Terry said, ‘Now you are a man’.

If people like John Terry and Frank Lampard say I am now a man, I am a man.”

There must have been a bizarre tribal atmosphere in the dressing room for this scenario to happen. Let’s hope Terry insisted the squad listened to this song after making his announcement…

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