Young Liverpool fans abused at the Emirates

UEFA organisational genii leaves ‘Scouse’ kids traumatised


An under-15s side from Skelmersdale couldn’t believe their luck when they were awarded free tickets to last week’s Champions League clash between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates by UEFA. The naive youngsters, however, failed to notice they were not sitting with the away fans, and when they celebrated Dirk Kuyt’s equaliser, all heck broke loose.

Ray Radford, the brilliantly-named manager and chaperone of the Arriva Youth side, said:

“We were having a great day until Liverpool scored. We were seated smack bang in the lion’s den and were abused by grown men – men in suits.

“These weren’t louts. They started shouting at the lads as soon as they realised we were Scousers.

“They started shouting about Michael Shields and Heysel – it was pandemonium.

“After we’d celebrated Kuyt’s goal, we were spoken to by the stewards and told to leave the ground.

“Even though I explained to him that the lads were guests of UEFA, because of the competition win, they still chucked us out.”

The young lads, decked out in nifty UEFA tracksuits, continued to receive abuse from ‘men in suits’ as they wandered around outside the stadium looking for answers. They found none, and were forced to wait in their minibus until 11pm.

Shame on those big nasty businessmen for saying naughty things and for confusing the youngsters with ‘suits’ that weren’t designed for a track. And more shame on UEFA for allowing this balls-up to happen in the first place.

Young Liverpool fans abused at the Emirates
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