More World Cup grief as Brazil coach Dunga calls journalist a ‘wimp’ and a ‘donkey’

World Cup dial remains firmly stuck on ‘rage’


Between the constant red cards, team boycotts and player expulsions, anger levels at this year’s World Cup are at a blood-vessel rupturing high. Brazilgaffer Dunga has decided to join in the fun by being caught swearing at a journalist during a post-match press conference.

The legendary midfield general and ersatz U-Boat captain apparently took offence to a TV reporter apparently shaking his head in disagreement while the coach sang the praises of handball-merchant Luis Fabiano after the North Korea game.

Despite the understandably terrified journo denying even looking in Dunga’s direction, the Brazilian was picked up by nearby mics muttering abuse under his breath, handily translated by Marca:

“Any problem? No? Then you are a donkey and a wimp”

Which was followed by a few choice swearwords and a face-to-face confrontation after the interview. All eyes are now on FIFA, after Diego Maradona was suspended for two months after his infamous ’stick it up your arse’ rant in a press conference last October.