Why Lampard should start ahead of Gerrard for England

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Chelsea man poses a far greater goal threat


Despite being voted England’s best performer in 2004 and 2005 by fans, there seems little doubt that if Frank Lampard faced Steven Gerrard in a popularity contest to determine which player should start for England, he would lose out. But our friends at chickendinner have discovered that if you want a goalscoring midfielder, Lampard should always be first choice:

Having scored fourteen times in 64 international appearances, Lampard averages 0.22 goals a game for England. This record is superior to Gerrard’s. The Liverpool midfielder has scored thirteen times for his country in 68 appearances, giving him an average of 0.19 goals a game.
Winner: Lampard

Lampard’s goalscoring form in the World Cup 2006 qualifying campaign gives him an even bigger advantage. In that campaign he scored five goals, compared to Gerrard’s two and Lampard finished as England’s top goalscorer.
Winner: Lampard

At the actual tournament it was a different story, with Gerrard scoring twice while Lampard scored none despite having 24 shots. However, there is every chance this was a one-off because at Euro 2004, Lampard scored three goals from four games while Gerrard scored one. This leaves them tied on three apiece.
Winner: Tie

The statistics also suggest that Lampard starts the season in stronger goalscoring form than Gerrard. Lampard has scored eight goals in internationals between August and December whereas Gerrard has managed just four.
Winner: Lampard

Since joining Chelsea in 2001, Lampard has an average of 0.31 goals a game for his club side whereas Gerrard has managed 0.22 goals a game in his Liverpool career. Lampard’s record has grown even more impressive since the start of the 2007-08 season and from that point onwards he has averaged one goal every two games. The Chelsea midfielder has also scored fifteen or more goals in each of the last five seasons, something that Gerrard has achieved just twice in his career.
Winner: Lampard

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