Why Carlos Tevez won’t be missed at Old Trafford

The anti-Carlos bandwagon is rolling through Manchester


He works hard, he’s committed and he clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. There are plenty of reasons why Carlos Tevez is a fan favourite at Manchester Utd, and Alex Ferguson finds himself under a great deal of pressure from the Old Trafford faithful to ‘sign him up’.

There is, however, an underlying current of resentment towards the Red Devils’ version of Dirk Kuyt – many are disappointed by his recent attitude and potential defection to City, some think he is not worth Kia Joorabchian’s £30m valuation, and others simply think he’s butters (for those who aren’t down with the kids like The Spoiler and Dr Fox, that means ‘rubbish’).

Don’t believe us? Here are some filleted chunks fresh from the comments section of Republik of Mancunia, the biggest Manchester Utd fansite:

“The man obviously doesn’t understand the squad game and is more interested in getting himself selected for the world cup squad, hence why he wants playing time. Although, understandable, surely 20 to 30 games a season at United is better than 40 odd at the bitters?”

“He’s played approximately the same number of minutes as Berbatov and Rooney. He played in last year’s Cl final and one half of this year’s. If he moves to City we will definitely know he’s fucked the fans over. Personally I thought his behaviour towards Fergie at the end of the season was disgraceful and worse than Ronaldo’s.”

“Personally i don’t think he’s good enough…and if a striker is really whats needed (which i’m not too sure about) then surelythere are better ones in the market. Also I don’t think SAF wants him in the first place, even for the reduced price.”

“He’s tosh, let him go. He can’t pass, can’t shoot, can’t head the ball, runs with the ball with his head down so never finds a decent pass, and he can trap the ball further than I can kick it. He’ll be OK at Wastelands then.”

“He’s been using the crowd to try and get a better deal for himself.”

“He has been treated well, he has been paid £75k a week, won two league championships, European Cup as well as vice European cup holders, league cup winner and has played almost the same amount of game time as the others, and he scored 5 league goals, who has been treated badly him or us?”

“I’d much rather see United give more chances to the kids than get panicked into spending over the odds on Tevez. I’m sick of players thinking it’s all about them, rather than the team.”

So, Manchester Utd fans, are these comments representative of your feelings towards Carlitos? Let us know with a comment below…

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