Which Spurs star was punched in the face in a restaurant?

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David Bentley forced to chow down on a knuckle sandwich


Despite having a very punchable face, Tottenham star David Bentley nearly made it 24 years without someone punching him in the face. This all changed over the weekend, however, when someone punched him in the face:

The Spurs midfielder, 24, had been enjoying a meal with Kimberly Mills and another couple when a man walked up to their table after finishing his own dinner – and took a swing at him.

Stunned Bentley was left reeling in his chair as the attacker ran out of the restaurant.

According to Bentley’s agent Robert Segal, the attack at the swanky Nolita bar in Herts was premeditated, as the assailant had a taxi waiting outside for him.

The Daily Mirror fail to properly describe the attacker in their report, however an exclusive source has issued a description to The Spoiler. With brown hair and a medium build, the man is said to be a football manager in his sixties, who has been trying to sell a player called David Bentley ever since he started a job at a north London club.

If you have seen a man matching this description, do please get in touch.

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