Which Manchester Utd star loves Harry Potter?

Wayne Rooney is a closet fan of children’s literature


Wayne Rooney may give the impression that his reading experience does not extend beyond the microwave instructions of Rustler burgers, but he has actually read entire novels. No foolin’, real novels.

As the Manchester United Foundation tours schools and libraries in order to encourage thousands of “fans” (read: “children”) to pick up a book, the striker named Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (the shortest one in the series) as his favourite tome:

“The Harry Potter books are favourites with a lot of children, and the same goes for a lot of adults.”

“I’d encourage any child to read them, because they really get your imagination going.”

Rooney also revealed that he loves Jamie Carragher’s autobiography, because he finds it interesting to see “how other footballers got where they are today”.

Oddly, there’s no room for Coleen’s Real Style by Coleen Rooney or Welcome to My World by Coleen Rooney on his reading list.

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