Which Man Utd star turns up to training in his slippers?

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Brazilian midfielder adopts casual dress code


All over the country, Premiership players are trying to out do each other when they arrive at their respective training grounds: some will have flash new cars, some an incredibly tasteless and expensive watch, and many will brag that they have joined the “done it with Danielle Lloyd” club.

Manchester Utd’s Anderson, however, clearly isn’t a fan of keeping up with the proverbial Joneses, as the 20-year-old recently turned up at Carrington in a pair of fluffy blue slippers. His reasoning? Quite simply, he prefers them to shoes.

Edwin van der Sar said: “From his head to his ankles is fine, but when you look at the slippers you think ‘wow!’”, and Owen Hargreaves agrees that his footwear is “outrageous”.

Alex Ferguson also made a comment, but no one could understand him. You’re not alone, Nemanja Vidic.

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