West Ham’s Gala dinner lived up to the billing…

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There’s definitely a joke about West Ham showing more fight on Monday night than they have all season but for the life of us we can’t work out what it is. It wouldn’t be that good anyway.

Anyway, while we mocked the idea of paying £2,500 (between ten of you) for the chance to look at some depressed players and eat petite fours (still no idea), it looks like it might have been a bit more exciting than anticipated.

Basically it all kicked off. Demba Ba was accused of starting it by refusing to sign an autograph, although he has denied this and the classy David Sullivan has waded into things by saying the following:

“The whole incident has been blown out of proportion.It was one individual who had too much to drink, sadly a problem in British society.

“A player was racially abused by the same drunken supporter, which is not acceptable. Sadly one drunken supporter let the club down.”

It really hasn’t been the best few weeks to be a West Ham supporter, has it?
Here’s an artist’s impression of how things may have looked in the Grosvenor…


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