West Ham chairman offers £5k reward after Rolls Royce attack

Not Sullivan, the nice one


Speaking to The Sun this morning (newspaper that is, he wasn’t just shouting at the sky), 75-year-old West Ham chairman David Gold reveals he lurched from one ordeal to another on Saturday afternoon after being ambushed by Aston Villa fans outside a pub.

Returning to the capital in his swanky Rolls Royce Phantom post the Hammers’ 3-0 humping, Gold swung past popular Villains watering-hole the King Edward VII and, after some initial ‘good-natured banter’, was ambushed by two Villa fans swinging bottles and Reebok Classic-clad feet:

Two guys who can only be described as monsters – animals – ran from the pub and threw a bottle of beer at the driver’s window, smashing it. They then kicked the car and tried to get in.

Luckily for David, the doors on his 300 grand motor put up a better defence than West Ham did at Villa Park:

Thankfully, the doors lock when the engine is running otherwise we could have been in serious trouble.

Eventually, after what seemed an eternity but was probably about a minute, we were able to pull away. That bottle could have come through the window and killed my driver as it was aimed directly at his temple.

Needles of glass could have hit and maybe killed me if they had gone into my head. The more I think about it, the worse it gets.

While the police are busy looking out for Monster Animals, Gold is considering handing over the princely reward of five grand to any Aston locals willing to grass the culprits up:

Despite the speed with which it happened, I saw one woman watching the whole thing unfold.

I appeal to her and any of the 30 or so people outside the pub to give any information they have to the police.

Wouldn’t hold your breath, David. Perhaps next time you should get the train back with the West Ham fans who paid out to watch their team get utterly shellacked away to a team with no manager, on the opening day of the season.

Or maybe not.

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