Wealthy celebs prevent families from watching World Cup

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Yeah, smile it up, Hilton


Here’s a moving picture for you: a grown man has promised his children a trip of a lifetime to watch the World Cup semi final, but his flight can’t land at the airport in Durban, because the place is littered with private jets.

His children begin to weep.

“Why daddy?” they splutter. “Did we do something wrong?”

Seeing his children cry breaks the grown man’s heart. He too begins to cry.

“Is God angry with us, daddy?”

No, kids, God doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton does, and she’s a cow.

As reported in today’s Financial Times – a pink paper for bureaucrats – numerous flights were delayed or forced to turn around, because they couldn’t land at King Shaka airport, thanks to private jets owned by the likes of Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio taking up all of the available space.

Hence, hundreds of excited football supporters were forced to miss the big match.

The weeping father said this:

“We were devastated,”

“We had waited a whole month for the semifinal. We missed everything … We saw nothing.”

“I cried when I looked at my crying children. If ACSA (Airports Company South Africa) had a heart, they would give us tickets to the final.”

“We don’t want money, we just want to go and see the game.”

Paris Hilton, that was your cue.

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