Wayne Rooney wants out of Manchester United

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Talismanic striker could be gone as soon as January


The Sunday Mirror got the scoop yesterday, and today it appears to have been ‘confirmed’ by the broadsheets – Wayne Rooney is heading for the exit at Manchester United after an almighty falling out with Alex Ferguson.

Rooney has reportedly turned down the offer of a new contract and now has 20 months remaining on his current deal – meaning United will have to get shot sooner rather than later if they want to command a decent transfer fee.

Unbelievably, according to the Mirror, Rooney’s relationship with Ferguson is so irreparably damaged a move across Manchester is thought of as being a genuine possibility.

It’s not a shock to hear the root of the pair’s discord is reported to be Rooney’s recent brassing allegations. The 24-year-old was dropped for United’s trip to Everton a week after the story broke, Fergie claiming to have been protecting his player from the fans. However, he had in fact “made it clear to Rooney that his decision was based on his personal disgust about the allegations.”

Mutual hatred reached a tipping point when Rooney was made to take three weeks leave under the guise of an ankle injury. Sir Alex is said to have been livid after the striker not only refused to pull out of England’s Euro 2012 qualifier squad, but went on to tell press he’d been match fit all along.


For those still in doubt – and we don’t blame you – here’s what Daniel Taylor, the Guardian’s well-connected Manchester correspondent (and Man Utd fan/novelist) has to say on the matter:

What has not been established is whether these events have coincided with a disagreement about the amount of money he expected to earn in a new contract. United had been willing to make him the highest earner at the club, with a weekly salary of £150,000, and the club’s chief executive, David Gill, had stated several times earlier in the year that the matter would be resolved as soon as Rooney was back from the World Cup.

That now appears to have backfired on Gill, with the message already conveyed to senior figures at Old Trafford that Rooney is now counting down his days at the club. There remains a suspicion it might be a part of the negotiating process, but the Guardian has been informed that, for now at least, Rooney’s mind is made up and that he and his family are already contemplating where next to take his career.


So what now?

Is Rooney about to make the biggest mistake of his life? (Besides putting his willy inside the wrong lady.)

With the vast majority of Europe’s top clubs financially crocked, who, realistically, could offer Wayne a new home?

If Wayne does leave, will it mark the end of Manchester United’s reign as a Premier League superpower?

and… how much more funny is this now?

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