Ooh, ooh – Cristiano Ronaldo is getting married!

Two great underpants models, one holy union Frankly, thank Christ for Facebook – without it, Cristiano Ronaldo’s life might maintain an element of mystique, but then everyone would be bored. Following his status ….

Julia Gödecke at the centre of a WAG scandal in Germany

Blonde beauty drops a pregnancy-based bombshell on Deutschland Julia Gödecke came to The Spoiler’s attention thanks to her long-term relationship with Hamburger SV star Marcell Jansen. The former Miss Munich, however, split from Jansen ….

WAG No. 378: Claire Cooper

Is this Hollyoaks beauty an official Pompey supporting lady? Portsmouth’s David James caused a WAG-based kerfuffle in 2003 when he left his wife Tanya for a lady named Amanda Salmon. Jamo’s home life looks ….

WAG No. 377: Sonia Monroy

Stripper, model, singer and Brazilian legend romancer In 1994, Brazilian striker Romario was on top of the world: he was FIFA World Player of the Year, he won the World Cup and ….

WAG No. 375: Carolina Baldini

Beckham isn’t the only one who’s unhappy with Diego Simeone Earlier this year, 34-year-old model Carolina Baldini confirmed that she had separated from former Lazio midfielder and current San Lorenzo ….