WAG No. 98: Sylvie van der Vaart

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She’s Dutch, and better looking than Dirk Kuyt


Damn it man, Sylvie isn’t just any old WAG, she’s an actress turned WAG, who married her love on live television in Holland back in the heady days of 2005. That makes her one heck of a gal, and Rafael van der Vaart one lucky attacking midfielder/striker.


Besides having the kind of illustrious body you could roll marbles off, Sylvie has numerous other skills in her armory, so to speak. She once played a steamy character, ironically called Ice, in Dutch/Belgium sexy drama serial Costa! And when she isn’t modeling, she takes time out to tend to the every whim of her young child, Damian.


Now living in Germany, she hasn’t given up the dreams of being a beautiful model until her looks totally run out.


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