WAG No. 96: Federica Ridolfi

Time to move to Italy 


Bid a welcoming “Ciao” to Federica, all the way from the sparkling hills of Roma – which is the capital of Italy. She’s a curvy thirtysomething who goes out with Livorno midfielder Giuliano Giannichedda – you’ll probably remember him as the young buck turning out for Lazio between 2001 and 2005, or the slightly aged gent darting around for Juventus only last year.

Federica is yet another multi-talented Italian woman – like Sophia Loren – who mixes looking really ace with turning up on television screens actually speaking. She does that on a football show called Quelli che… il calcio (which is Italian for something or other).

She was once heard saying: “It’s easier to meet soccer players rather than normal boys – especially in Milan!”  And as a special bonus, here she is in a moving clip, music provided.

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