WAG No. 95: Anine Bing

This kindly Danish women is also a MODEL!

Anine Bing1

Say whatever the Danish is for “hello” to Anine, the lovely girl who happily goes out with Sweden’s Anders Svensson, a valiant FA Cup loser with Southampton in 2003. He can now be found plying his trade for IF Elfsborg, alongside players with complicated surnames like Sjohage and Falk-Olander.

Anine Bing2

Anine isn’t just a great looking girl with nice brownish hair, in case you were wondering. No, she’s also a very professional young model, who has adorned the pages of the most sophisticated of all pornographic publications, Playboymagazine. So wonderful looking is she, that Hollywood rubber-faced hunk Jim Carrey once thought her a worthwhile bedmate.

Anine Bing3

Nice choice, Jim. Great model.

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