WAG No. 87: Elisabeth Reyes

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Former Miss Spain could be on her way to West London


If you believe this photo, Chelsea’s £50m summer transfer target Sergio Ramos likes to wear Hulk Hogan-esque bandanas with surf shorts that are just low enough to expose his ‘pubic tattoo’. In certain circles, he may be labelled a ‘douchebag’ for presenting himself in public in this manner, but at least he offsets his troubling look by keeping former Miss Spain Elisabeth Reyes as company.


Aside from her Spanish beauty pageant triumph in 2006, very little is known about 23-year-old Elisabeth. So here’s some bizarre facts about Ramos: he has a tattoo depicting the dates of the terrorist attacks in Madrid and New York, he has a little dog named Odi and his Madrid teammates call him ‘gyspy’ because of his love for flamenco music.


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