WAG No. 86: Kristen Pazik

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Sheva’s lady had absolutely nothing to do with his move to Chelsea. Honest.


When Andriy Shevchenko’s lengthy stay at AC Milan came to an end, the ageing striker had no preference over joining Manchester Utd or Chelsea. Roman Abramovich’s (now ex-) wife Irina, however, aided the decision making process by squiring his American model wife Kristen Pazik around the glitzy side of London town. Soon after, Sheva agreed the move to West London, but insisted the choice had nothing to do with his wife’s wishes. He told Gazetta Sport at the time:

“My wife has nothing to do with this, we decided together for the best interests of our family.”I don’t speak English, my wife does not speak Ukrainian – the only language we have in common at the moment is Italian. The only way to be able to teach our children our love that we have for them is the English language.”

And with this puzzling logic (surely the mutually understood Italian language would have been a better choice for the kids), the Premier League gained another WAG and Chelsea’s bench got a little bit warmer.


Kristen and her 276-inch legs (see above left) are of eastern European descent, but grew up in Minesota. After meeting at a party in Milan, the couple married in 2004 on a golf course in Washington DC (not sure which hole) and they have since had two sons – Jordan (named for Sheva’s hero, Michael Jordan) and Christian (named for Amy Winehouse’s drinking hero, Christian Slater).


Spoiler bonus: As you can see from the magazine cover above – which is Italian GQ’s most successful cover ever – Kristen is rather photogenic.

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