Wag No. 85: Kartika Luyet

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Look Ronaldo – Rio has actual females, too


Former Crystal Palace and current Torino FC striker Nicola Ventola may have a girl’s name and a distinct lack of international appearances on his CV (bar a visit to Sydney for the 2000 summer games), but he has done mighty well in the WAG department. Depending on who you believe, he may or may not be married to Brazilian model Kartika Luyet, but one thing is for certain – Ventola is the father of their four-year-old son Kelian.



Kartika was born in Rio and puts her exotic look down to her Swiss and Malaysian parentage. She began modeling when someone waltzed up to her and asked to take a picture of her on the Camps-Élysées (not a recommended route into her chosen industry) and found fame with an appearance in a Maxcalendar and a Fiat advert campaign.

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