WAG No. 84: Anara Atanes

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The model who played Freddie for a fool


With his rock-hard abs, Scandinavian bone structure and immaculate underwear collection, the last thing Freddie Ljunberg expects is to have his WAG stolen from beneath him. Yet that’s exactly what happened when Sunderland midfielder Kieran Richardson cuckolded away 20-year-old model Anara Atanes. She said:

“Freddie’s such a gentleman. He’s sexy and really knows how to turn a girl on. But Kieran’s my little rough diamond. He’s a bad boy, that’s why I like him. We didn’t see much of New York, but a lot of our hotel bedroom. I know it’s naughty, both at the same time, but I’m a naughty girl.”


When she isn’t exploiting footballers via her extraordinarily low moral code, Anara enjoys blogging on her Bebo page. As you can tell from this entry, she likes punctuation about as much as she likes monogamy:

hiya i can not wait still this friday i am going to the apple studio it is going to be so much fun me an other girls got picked out of hundreds of models an we go down on the friday an get are hair makeup nails an things done an have a nice girlie night talking to the rest of the people then on saturday we have 3 shoots to get thru in 1 day mine start at 2 in the afternoon on sunday an monday we have not been told what is going on its a surprise an now i have found i have a neigbour mia coming haha it is going to be so much fun an all scouts from topshop armani zara an loads more are there to spot us talented models mwah xxx


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