WAG No. 83: Coleen McLoughlin

This woman allows Wayne Rooney into her bed

Coleen McLoughlin 1

Only a true cynic would say that Coleen doesn’t dance for her dinner. Okay Wayne brings home the majority of the bacon, but don’t forget, this lady is multi-talented.

Want proof? Well, she’s great at working out, she proved that with some exercise DVD or some such – Coleen McLoughlin’s Brand New Body Workout. She is a top journalist, writing for Closer magazine, and she once wrote a moving book about her own thoughts. Anyone who got to the end of that without weeping genuine tears of emotion literally doesn’t have a soul.

Coleen McLoughlin 2

The handsome couple have been dating since they were both irksome little brats kicking stones around the rough council estates of Liverpool, and look at them now. He’s more sophisticated than a Champagne cocktail, and she wouldn’t be out of place at some kind of ambassador’s ball. It’s enough to make you want to spew with joy. Hence, WAG of the Day!

Coleen McLoughlin 3

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