WAG No. 77: Radka Kocurova

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Tolerates Arsenal star’s looks and off-the-field antics



The modern WAG has to put up so much nonsense. Their partners work weekends, use up all their energy on the pitch and spend all their time at home playing Halo and trash talking Japanese school children. Tomas Rosicky’s missus suffers much more than others – not only must she look at the mysteriously-injured star’s funny face, but had to go through a humiliating ordeal when he ‘partied’ with the Czech Republic team and six hookers. Radka Kocurova, you’re clearly a very forgiving woman.



Rosicky must be stupider than he looks, because he chose to risk a solid relationship with a former Miss Czech Republic with his prostitute antics. The beauty queen is a huge star in her home nation (the equivalent of Victoria Beckham, I’m told) and she regularly appears in glossy magazines and newspapers with her aesthetically-displeasing partner.

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