WAG No. 75: Alessia Merz

Another weapon in Brescia’s sexy arsenal



Last Tuesday, The Spoiler’s WAG of the Day was the impossibly-good looking Alessia Fabiani, the better half of Brescia’s Alessio Tacchinardi. One week later, and the femme du jour is also an Italian named Alessia, whose husband also happens to play for the same Serie B outfit. And if by sheer coincidence, she has also earned a living following the exact same career path as every other Italian WAG (dancer on ropey TV show, nudie calendar, a few shoddy B Movies etc). Unless I have become confused by similar sounding names and circumstances, today’s WAG is Alessia Merz, the wife of striker Fabio Bazzani.

merz 2


Alessia was considered one of the sexiest women in Italy during her prime (according to, er, a magazine from Malta) and there is barely a picture of her on the entire internet where she has made the decision to wear clothes. However, Alessia has now discarded her salacious reputation in order to start a family – she and Bazzani have two children named Niccolo and Martina.

merz 3

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