WAG No. 65: Elena Grimaldi

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This Italian porn star is very shy. Apparently.


According to a survey of Hungary’s finest porn stars, David Beckham and Dimitar Berbatov would make the best on-screen partners. Italian bongo icon Elena Grimaldi, however, begs to differ, for she has a secret longing for a certain AC Milan player:

“[I like] Massimo Oddo. But I am simply too shy to talk to him – they say he is a bull in the bed.”

Yes, you read that correctly. A woman who will happily interpret various acts of fornication on film is too shy to ask someone out on a date.elena2

Most WAGs and WAG wannabes would kill for the undivided attention of a star footballer, but Elena doesn’t always enjoy meetings with players:

“[Italy’s footballers] are beasts. Players phone me and make foul propositions. They’re not interested in talking, or in my mind.”I met two players in a restaurant recently and we had barely exchanged pleasantries before they asked for a threesome. I declined”


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