WAG No. 54: Laisa Andrioli

Denilson’s latest training partner shows talent on and off the field

Laisa Andrioli 1

If Ashley Cole is seeking advice on how to juggle women, he need look no further than Denilson (the one who used to play for Betis, not the Arsenal one.) Playing for Palmeiras, the Brazilian scored two goals against Bragantino last Sunday, and celebrated by making an ‘L’ shape with his hand. Far from being a ‘loser’ insult, 21-year-old Laisa Andrioli claimed it was actually a loving reference to her name. This angered on/off girlfriend Letícia Carlos, who had been “seeing [Denilson] and talking every day,” and who also laid claim to the ‘L’ dedication. Responding evasively, the Brazilian equivalent of Jermain Defoe casually said: “Next time there won’t be any L’s.”

Laisa Andrioli 2

Unlike other WAGs, whose only physical activity is shopping, Laisa is a footballer herself. She is a striker with the Brazilian side Internacional, although the internet devotes much more time and space to her abilities as a glamour model: do a Google search and you’ll see she’s not the shy type.

Laisa Andrioli 3

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