WAG No. 53: Eva Longoria

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The number one Spurs WAG (in south Texas, not north London)


Despite growing up in Texas, Eva Longoria managed to avoid the slow road to obesity, and found fame playing Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives (she’s the youngish one whose always finds an excuse to trot around in just her underwear).In 2006, she shot straight to the top of the international WAG league when she married Tony Parker, point guard for her favourite basketball team the San Antonio Spurs. Their marriage, however, hit a rough patch when Parker was rumoured to have had an affair with a young lady introduced to him by Thierry Henry, and there’s more speculation that she could be finishing with her man, as recent pictures suggest she has either removed or covered up a tattoo depicting her wedding date.


Should you ever meet the 33-year-old actress, here’s some facts to slip into conversation to show her your level of obsession: she has a Bachelor of Science degree, she was previously married to a star of crappy soap General Hospital, she has handled firearms since her youth and IMDB tells us that one of her cousins works in a Post office in New Jersey (presumably the other cousins don’t have jobs).


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