WAG No. 51: Stephany Brito

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Mrs Pato displays exemplary ‘netiquette’

Stephany Brito 1

The centre pages of today’s Sun newspaper are dedicated to the ‘Internet sex epidemic’ that is gripping Britain: apparently, people are cheating on their partners, finding new ones and getting unhealthily addicted to porn at an alarming rate. While the red top focuses on the negatives of online relationships, The Spoiler will look at the one gleaming positive: it is this huge bunch of wires and servers that allowed AC Milan star Pato to make contact with prospective girlfriend Stephany Brito. The Brazilian soap actress accepted his e-vite, and their romance has since blossomed into one where they actually see and touch each other.

Stephany Brito 2

The twenty-year-old beaut will have every cause to watch her Brazlian toyboy (Pato is only eighteen) rip it up in the UEFA Cup next season, as he is partial to combining romantic gestures with his day job – after scoring in his debut against Napoli, ‘The Duck’ publicly dedicated the strike to his lady.

Stephany Brito 3

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