WAG No. 49: Michelle Marsh

Bringing glamour to Scottish football since 2007

Apparently, they play football in Scotland, and they even have their own Premier League (I know, I’m as surprised as you are). This year’s relegation candidate has all-but been decided as Gretna, who were docked ten points for going into administration, but grazing just above them are St Mirren, who’ve lost more than half their games this season. Still, the fans keep turning up to games in the hope that glamour model Michelle Marsh, aka Mrs Will Haining, will turn up.


Any red-blooded male who has ever been near a newsagent’s magazine stand will know Michelle intimately: she is one of the most prolific cover stars of Nutsand Zoo, and has appeared more times on Page Three more times than Ronaldo has appeared in knocking shops.

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