WAG No. 45: Melissa Johnson

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Cardiff ’s hottest other half is making the most of her WAG status

Melissa Johnson 1

Cardiff City’s Roger Johnson will face one of the biggest games of his career on Sunday, as his side challenge Middlesbrough for a place in the FA Cup semi-finals. The defender has already bagged five goals this season, and a sixth in front of a BBC1 audience and new model wife Melissa Johnson would be more than welcome by most neutral fans.

Anyway, back to the task at hand: Melissa is a 24-year-old model/fitness instructor/freelance make-up artist who actually designed the smalls she is sporting in these pictures. And yes, she is a fan of little pink bows.

Melissa Johnson 2

Melissa married her ‘childhood sweetheart’ in June last year, and has been trading off the WAG brand in every conceivable way since. In addition to the aforementioned lingerie range, she also stars in the popular WAGs WorkoutDVD with pals Nicola T and Lisa Munday, where her athletic frame and indispensable knowledge of beauty treatments come in mighty handy. Melissa has also appeared in television programmes including Footballers’ Wives, Poor Little Rich Girl and Dream Team. Notice the pattern there? Yup, all these roles hinge on her ability to be a WAG and little else.

Melissa Johnson 3

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