WAG No. 41: Julieta Spina

It’s the Argentinean equivalent of Rebecca Loos

Julieta Spina 1

In the UK, Diego Simeone is known mainly for getting David Beckham sent off in France 98. How ironic, then, that he and his former wife Carolina Baldini were considered the Posh and Becks of Argentina. Like Mr B and RoboSpice, they had three children, a lavish lifestyle and a tendency to get snapped in public. It all came to an end recently, however, as the River Plate manager traded in his model wife for a younger, er, model – 21-year-old Julieta Spina.

Julieta Spina 2

According to the text on the picture above, Julieta is 1m 72cm tall, a favourite of fashion designer Roberto Giodarno and a model for beauty products manufactirer Sedal. She also likes quad biking, polar exploration and badger baiting. The last three might be made up, but she’s in desperate need of something to make her seem more interesting.

Julieta Spina 3

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