WAG No. 378: Claire Cooper

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Is this Hollyoaks beauty an official Pompey supporting lady?

Claire Cooper 1

Portsmouth’s David James caused a WAG-based kerfuffle in 2003 when he left his wife Tanya for a lady named Amanda Salmon. Jamo’s home life looks to be in a tempestuous condition once again – Amanda has moved out of James’ house and our friends at Kickette have alerted us to the fact that the former England keeper has been spotted out and about with Hollyoaks star Claire Cooper.

Claire Cooper 2

Claire plays one of the delightfully attired McQueen sisters in Hollyoaks. For full details regarding her character, consult a student or an unemployed person.

She was reportedly introduced to James by Jennifer Metcalfe, the extraordinarily attractive Hollyoaks actress who enjoyed an on/off relationship with Portsmouth love rat Jermaine Pennant. Now he has buggered off to Spain, they have ended their epic tryst.

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