WAG No. 377: Sonia Monroy

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Stripper, model, singer and Brazilian legend romancer


In 1994, Brazilian striker Romario was on top of the world: he was FIFA World Player of the Year, he won the World Cup and he finsihed the 1993/94 season as Barcelona’s top scorer. As one may expect of a footballer in his position, the Brazilian also did rather well with the ladies. He started a relationship with Sonia Monroy after admiring her work as a stripper, but they split soon after she claimed she was pregnant with his child.

After spending many years completely naked in magazines and hawking her wares on TV, Sonia has recently focused her efforts on a pop career. The 38-year-old put forward her song ‘Yo soy la otra’ (’I am the other one’) as Spain’s Eurovision 2009 entry, but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.

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