WAG No. 37: Viviane Castro

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Loves drug-riddled footballers, hates clothing


A search for Adriano’s current squeeze Viviane Castro throws up plenty of content that will have your boss reaching for your P45, as the Brazilian model likes to dabble in glamour photography. In fact, the photo above is the only one on record where she’s covering her modesty, and I imagine she’s probably legs akimbo on her passport photo. Like to know more about her? Here’s a ‘biography’ from one of the sites selling racy images of her:

“Viviane Castro wants to spend her time lost in a world of pleasure that only you can share with her. Her smile is the invitation and the passion lurking in her eyes is promise of what is ahead for any man who accepts what Viviane Castro has to offer.”

Viviane Castro 2

Viviane is known throughout her home country as the Queen of Carnivals, and can regularly be seen strolling through the streets of Rio de Janeiro in nothing more than some feathers and a dental floss thong.

She recently hit the news when she was disqualified from a carnival parade for ‘exposed genitalia’: in the pic above, she was wearing a 1.6 inch piece piece of fabric to cover her nethers, which promptly fell off. A rival group won the parade with a display featuring humming birds native to the region. Oh, and lots of naked ladies.

Viviane Castro 1

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