WAG No. 36: Oksana Andersson

Manchester’s loss is La Coruña’s gain



After failing to impress Gary Megson at Bolton, permanently-on-loan Anderlecht winger Christian Wilhelmsson packed his bags in the January transfer windows and headed for the sunny climes of Deportivo. Yesterday saw the Swede’s first starting appearance in the side, and he helped guide them to a 2-0 win over Espanyol. He was no doubt encouraged by the attendance (or the mere existence) of his Russian-born model/ dancer WAG, Oksana Andersson.



Unlike so many people in this life, Oksana is fortunate enough to claim that she has found her calling: on her MySpace page, she says that being in front of the camera is her greatest passion. Via some of the biggest names in Swedish photography, including Bingo Rimer (note to self: ‘Bingo’ is an awesome name for my first-born son), Oksana has embraced her life’s meaning with regular appearances in Swedish FHM and Slitz. Whatever that is.



Oksana has been interviewed in the Spanish press, where she says she loves her new home in La Coruña. For no particular reason, sheadded that she likes garlic.

Spoiler bonus: Recognise Oksana but you’re not a Slitz magazine subscriber? You’ve probably seen her forming part of dance/ thinly-veiled porn outfit

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