WAG No. 357: Pía Martinez

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A major player in Argentina’s ongoing WAG scandal


Pía Martinez entered the world of Waggery earlier this year on the arm of Real Madrid midfielder Fernando Gago. It appears that the couple have since parted ways (allegedly after a sex tape leak), but the topless Argentinean model has recently been implicated in the scandal surrounding Sergio Agüero and Giannina Maradona, daughter of Diego.

Agüero – who is now the father of Diego Maradona’s grandson – has apparently been caught going at it with a ‘mystery blonde’ in an Argentinean nightclub called ‘Kika’. Pía was accused of being said mystery blonde, but despite being present at the club, insists she was an innocent bystander. The genuine catalyst of infidelity has been revealed as 22-year-old Luisana Vacarelli, who insists that she is “not a slut“.


As a result of The Spoiler’s commitment to investigative journalism, we have discovered that Pía goes by the name ‘Britney’ on a rather sexy NSFW site called BritneyVirgin.com. Don’t ask us how we found that one…


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