WAG No. 353: Julia Arshavin

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The partner of the Prem’s biggest misogynist


When Andrei Arshavin wheezed his way over to England in January, he brought three things from his Russian homeland: his fierce fashion sense, his passion for pulling sex faces and his ‘wife’, Julia Arshavin.

We say ‘wife’ in inverted commas, as the couple are in fact not married, but the 28-year-old Arsenal star refers to her as his spouse anyway. It’s a bit like us saying Stan Collymore is our ‘friend’ because we follow him on Twitter. Well, we would follow him if he accepted our request. The grumpy so and so.

In accordance with her long term partner’s view of the place of women in society, we’re pretty sure Julia does not have a job, but divides her time between looking after son Artyom and the boozer.

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