WAG No. 351: Mirella Grisales

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Yet another former lover of Real Madrid’s latest acquisition


After more than a year of tiring speculation, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally secured his escape route to Madrid. In honour his much-touted departure, we pay tribute to one of the lucky ladies who played a part in C-Ron’s highly prolific Summer of Steamrollering 2008TM.

In addition to Nereida GallardoNiki Ghazian and Letizia Filippi, the Portuguese star took his mind off of his incredibly charmed life by boffing Colombian model Mirella Grisales.

Mirella and Cristiano met up in Portugal, where an onlooker remarked:

“Ronaldo was sucking her fingers and fiddling with her bikini bottoms. They clearly had the hots for each other.”

Sounds like a very classy rendezvous.

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