WAG No. 350: Sophie Larissa Houghton

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The Liverpool model with a Manchester Utd toy boy

Sophie Larissa Houghton 1

When we saw this picture, we knew it was only a matter of time before Federico Macheda bagged himself a partner befitting of a rambunctious Manchester Utd star. The Italian has done exactly that, after taking a liking to the Facebook profile picture of model, singer and actress Sophie Larissa Houghton. The couple ‘poked’ one another for a times, and have since enjoyed a string of dates.

The 19-year-old Wirral-based model is now the youngest WAG at Old Trafford, but is still two years older than Kiko.

Sophie Larissa Houghton 2

Sophie’s MySpace page proves that her extraordinary bikini-wearing skills are only matched by her command of the English language:

sexyest thing iv dun is wroght a letter 2 hugh heffnerrr and he wroght me 1 back ahhhh invitin me 2 da mansioonnn wen im 19 hotnessss onnn that!!”

Sophie is the the reigning Miss Intercontinental Liverpool 2009, and is keen to win more work in the fields of TV, film, music and acting.

She also has an an official website, on which she appears to have published her own mobile number. That’s a little worrying – now sex pests like Cristiano Ronaldo are just one perverted text message away…

Sophie Larissa Houghton 3

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