WAG No. 348: Dorota Rabczewska AKA Doda

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One of Poland’s greatest contributions to society



We must confess that we hardly ever listen to Polish pop music or browse the pages of the Polish version of Playboy Magazine. If we had, we would have been intimately familiar with model, singer and athlete Dorota Rabczewska, known in her home nation as Doda.


Thanks to a successful pop career and numerous reality TV show appearances, Doda was already famous in Poland when she married goalkeeper Radosław Majdan. She become infamous shortly after by posing in the buff for several magazines, including Heff’s aforementioned rag and another named CKM. While she continues in her commitment to nakedness to this day, she and Majdan have since parted ways.



Doda may not look like a typical Mensa member, but she is reported to have an IQ of 156.

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