WAG No. 347: Kateřina Ujfaluši

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A lovely model with lots of complicated accents in her name

Kateřina Ujfaluši 1

We first encountered former Miss Czech Republic Kateřina Ujfaluši last summer, when she featured in some of the most bizarre photos we have ever seen. If you’ve managed to banish the image from your memory, it was she who posed on some cardboard boxes, protecting the modesty of her husband, Atletico Madrid defender Tomáš Ujfaluši.

Kateřina Ujfaluši 2

Our Czech is a little rusty, but we believe Tomáš and Kateřina have divorced. The argument probably wasn’t about him constantly stealing her hair straighteners – it may have more to do with his involvement in the Czech Republic national team prostitute scandal.

Kateřina Ujfaluši 3

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