WAG No. 345: Caroline Van Espen

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A fine supporting lady from the land of Poirot and dullness

Caroline Van Espen 1

As the writers of the excellent In Bruges are keen to stress, absolutely nothing interesting happens in Belgium. Nothing at all. That said, France’s boring neighbour does have an emerging WAG scene, represented by underwear-clad luminaries such as Caroline Van Espen. The 26-year-old model is the supporting lady of goalkeeper Mark Volders, who plays for R.E. Mouscron in Belgium’s top flight.

Caroline Van Espen 2

Caroline attaches little reverence to WAG status, insisting that she would be just as happy if her man was a butcher. Said man will be delighted to know that her favourite footballer is David Beckham.

In this bizarre interview, she is asked questions such as “Would you rather marry a lesbian or a gay man?” and “Would you rather see your parents in a porn film or admit to them that you had been in one?” Worryingly, she appears to prefer the concept of seeing her mum and dad perform some ‘adult hugs’ on screen.

Caroline Van Espen 3

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