WAG No. 320: Joana Machado

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The reason Adriano went off the rails (again)

Joana Machado 1

Yesterday, we revealed the carnival dancer who is helping Adriano recover from his depression, so today it seems fitting to consider the carnival dancer who caused it. Brazilian beauty Joana Machoado has the wayward Internazionale star’s name permanently etched onto her skin, and once said:

“Adriano owns me, owns my life: if he signs for Flamengo or Chelsea, I sign for them too.”

At some point in the past few weeks, however, it appears the striker denounced ownership of his devoted lady. Joana left her ten-year-old daughter and three-year-old son in Brazil to go and live with Adriano, but now admits that this was “crazy” and that she was “not respected”.

Joana Machado 2

In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper, the 28-year-old admitted she headed into the favela slums where Adriano grew up searching for the MIA star:

“I went there several times to look for him, following the request of his mother who is worried, but Adriano is not a drug addict, his only drug is beer but who doesn’t like to drink beer?”

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