WAG No. 292: Holly McGuire

The Page 3 hottie who (allegedly) caught Rio’s attention


As we established yesterday, Rio Ferdinand has been with his partner Rebecca Ellison for over seven years, they have two children and they are due to wed this year with the assistance of a barn owl. However, the Manchester Utd star/ rapper/ actor/ online publisher/ film producer/ merking specialist is alleged to have played away from home on numerous occasions. One adulterous stint is said to have occurred with Holly McGuire, an Essex glamour model and Page 3 girl.


29-year-old Holly has been showing the world her boobs for over a decade, and was part of a sexy Pop/RnB trio called ‘Tantalize‘. They enjoyed some success and even supported Eminem, but were dropped like a stone straight after the release of their first single.


Spoiler bonus: We’re having serious doubts about Holly’s unprofessional approach to nursing…