WAG No. 286: Vanessa Carbone

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The Playboy model who is no relation to Benito Carbone

Vanessa 1

He may have the appearance of a dishevelled wet dog, but Carlos Tevez does pretty well with the ladies.

The Manchester Utd striker’s enjoyed lovemaking sessions with models Mariana Paesani and Natalia Fassi (while married to his incredibly forgiving wife Vanesa Mansilla) and used to step out with Vanessa Carbone, also known as Argentina’s Playboy Playmate of the Year 2007.

Vanessa 2

Vanessa hit the headlines a few months ago for her unique animal rights protesting methods. She stood outside the Japanese Embassy in Chile, hoping that her naked breasts would discourage the Japanese from whaling. The sign in the picture above reads: “The only skin that I use is mine,” suggesting that she does not own any jackets made from whale leather.


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