WAG No. 283: Claudia Albertario

This glamour model is no “boot hanger”

Claudia Albertario 1

Claudia Albertario may take her clothes off for a living, but that’s where her similarities with Danielle Lloyd end. After stepping out with Uruguayan strikerDiego Forlan, she was incensed by accusations that she is a bed-hopping WAG:

“How dare they say I’m a boot hanger? Yes, some women will rush to hang the boots of every footballer they meet above their beds. Not me. Diego and I enjoyed a meal – and when he wanted the usual for pudding, I declined. Footballers have no sway over me. Let it be known: I’m a lady.” 

Claudia Albertario 2

Claudia claims that she met up with the Atletico Madrid striker for a “night of fun”, and indeed had a good time. Despite this, she refused to succumb to his requests for lovemaking, and shunned him on two other occasions when he called her.

Why the attitude? Perhaps she was put off when she realised Forlan was the player who did this.

Claudia Albertario 3

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