WAG No. 282: Pamela Butt

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Guess what this lady does for a living…


Gifted with huge disposable income and an unfamiliarity with scruples, world class footballers often turn their attention to ladies of the night in their free time.

Brazilian striker Vagner Love  – the chap dented Aston Villa’s chances of progressing to the next round of the UEFA Cup last night – enjoyed a night with escort and porn star Pamela Butt in 2008, evidence of which is freely available on the web in video form.

One would think that endorsement from a footballer would be great for business, but the Brazilian temptress was unhappy that so many people got so to see going at it for free:

‘I’m very well paid to have sex on camera, but I earned nothing for this. I am two people: Pamela the actress and Pamela the private lady, and today the private lady is defiled.’

Love was much less concerned by the sex tape leak, admitting that his amorous reputation does not “unsettle” him.

Pamela makes no secret of the illicit nature of her profession – her official website (NSFW!) boasts, rates, reviews and a very comprehensive list of services she will perform.

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