WAG No. 244: Merche Romero

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A Ronaldo conquest from waaaay back in 2006

Merche Romero 1

Most ladies who spend time with Cristiano Ronaldo are better off for the experience – Gemma Atkinson continues to get modelling work despite leaving Hollyoaks years ago, Nereida Gallardo finally realised her dream of showing the world her breasts, and hundreds of high class call girls have been well remunerated over the years.

Andorran/ Portuguese model Merche Romero, however, does not seem to have faired as well in the public eye after being steamrollered by C-Ron. Several anti-Merche sites have since sprung up, many of which focus on her alleged love of cosmetic surgery and the fact that she is nine years older than the tricky winger.

Merche Romero 2

Fancy asking Merche out on a date? The Spoiler has the vital information: her favourite club is Benfica, her favourite film is There’s Something About Maryand her preferred colour is red.

Merche Romero 3

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